If Sephora and Etsy had a baby, it would be Adorli. The beauty
newcomer is an online marketplace for cruelty-free, natural, organic and vegan beauty. Inspired by the founder’s frustration finding no- nonsense natural products on the high street, Adorli wants to be the go-to home of what it calls, ‘kind beauty.’ The marketplace showcases a range of independent and emerging beauty brands with an eco-conscious ethos. Adorli simplifies the process of finding quality natural skincare and cosmetic finds according to your beauty needs . Whether it’s organic fruit-inspired skincare, or vegan-friendly lipstick that tickles your fancy, Adorli makes it easy for you to find it in one place – naturally, of course.

Afterglow is a social concert discovery platform that is able to bring together a network of music fans and the content they share into an ecosystem that enables people to discover and plan events in a much more engaging and efficient way.

Baking Intelligence is an online educational platform developed for African Bakers. We provide excellent training courses designed to cater the peculiarities of the baking industry and delivered through videos, interactive forums, assignments, quizzes and projects. Intelligence is an online knowledge marketplace for bakers. We create online courses that tackle the specific pain points of bakers by identifying influencers with a proven track record of expertise in the relevant areas. These influencers are then engaged as instructors who deliver course content to be delivered and purchased on our platform. Having launched in Nigeria we have registered over 800 users on our platform with over 10 times more as members of our Instagram community.

Coplug is a GovTech start-up providing digital tools for social infrastructure planning. Coplug provides demand projections and scenario planning tools through its cloud-based platform called SidM Systems.

EclipScience will change peer-review forever. Using blockchain, our platform will radically transform the peer review process, ensuring a transparent, democratic and rapid evaluation of research that rewards both researcher and reviewer.
The result will be a quantum leap in the dissemination of research.

Galeo is a borderless digital bank designed to provide free banking service globally and democratise access to financial products by leveraging the Bank-as-a-Platform principle model.


In the last quarter of 2017, two friends, Ola and Tobi came to the idea of creating a marketplace for current/recent university students who had accumulated clutter of valuable items over their period of study. The idea came from the frustration of hoarding things they’ve kept since finishing their studies and leaving the property they lived in together. Keeping in mind majority of these items would be more beneficial for other students. As Innovators striving to get their idea validated by getting into the O2 Telefonica’s digital and environmental focused programme, The Environment Now – the duo got the support they needed, built their product and released it to their audience in late 2018.

They named it GYRE, a free mobile app for users to buy, sell and swap underused and unwanted items locally within their geographic community. The app provides a quick, safe and convenient way to list items and find great deals on desired items. As an advocate of the sharing ecosystem, they aim to help users reveal, access and maximise true full value of their everyday products by connecting interested people.


Luckyface helps people outside of Korea discover Kbeauty skincare. It helps people build personalised skincare routines through starter kits and subscription boxes.


Pickles is a digital nutritionist for expectant mums. An estimated 250 million women are pregnant or actively trying to conceive each year, and the food they eat can have a meaningful impact on health outcomes for mum and baby. Yet, while diet plays a crucial role in pregnancy, most women lack a reliable source of prenatal nutritional guidance. Pickles was built to help. Their digital nutritionist accompanies women from conception to breastfeeding, and is adapted to suit a range of diets (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, …) and was built in collaboration with doctors, midwives, and nutritionists. Their tool leverages the power of AI and machine learning to provide personalized guidance to women at scale, helping women to achieve their number 1 objective: having a healthy baby. Pickles: eat for health, not for two.


Quant Intelligence, is a London based intelligence consulting firm. We specialise in developing and delivering complex information management and data-driven solutions for clients in a broad range of industries.

We are developing an analytical platform (QIIK – Quant Intelligence Information and Knowledge) designed to tackle the single biggest issue for intelligence in the 21st Century: to effectively manage and leverage the sea of information and knowledge to produce accurate and timely intelligence forecasts.

Using the latest paradigms in both intelligence and computing sciences, we have developed a data ecosystem and software architecture that empower analysts to conduct virtually any type of analysis in an efficient and timely manner.

Ultimately, our data ecosystem is designed to be effectively leveraged by AI, from machine learning, which will be heavily used during the data gathering, cleaning and enhancing phases to deep learning which we aim to use for the critical tasks of analysis and risk forecasting, Ai will be at the heart of our solution.


RhinoKap is a UK based equity crowdfunding platform to mobilise investment towards African Startups.

Shelftaught allows you to find the best learning resources in any niche, within seconds; and you know the recommendations are quality as they’re backed by our expert ranking algorithms. It also allows you to curate your own recommended resources and be endorsed for your contribution to the community.


SympliFi is a FinTech startup that enables diaspora around the world to provide sustainable financial solutions for their families back home, beyond remittances. We create a borderless transaction experience by seamlessly connecting diaspora with financial services partners in their home country to deliver the solutions they need at their fingertips.

Visit SympliFi and stay in touch at https://www.6072.io/

Slingshot is a platform to help students to secure their dream internships and make high quality industry connections. Our platform matches students with experienced coaches who can provide bespoke and tailored guidance, for every stage of an application process.


The Intelligent Investor is a mobile gaming app that teaches the player personal finance skills and how to invest via gamification. Using the world famous investor Warren Buffet’s strategy ‘Value Investing’. The game is played in a modern RPG style, and uses elements of visual and memory learning techniques. It is a cross between Kim Kardashian Hollywood and Duolingo for personal finance.


Structor.io Ltd develops software to standardise contract administration in the construction industry, enabling clients, (sub-)contractors and their consultants to focus on project delivery and deadlines. The software streamlines repeatable tasks such as raising change orders, payment notices or even setting up project bank accounts, minimizing errors and points of conflict. Major decisions are automatically cascaded across the approval chain leaving clear and immutable audit trail for a stronger compliance. Ultimately, the software focuses on the core processes with friendly user interface suitable for professionals across skill levels.


tiilio is a stock market investment platform seeking to break down the barriers to investing. It aims to make investing lower-cost, simplified and accessible for everyone. tiilio will be a mobile only investment platform, providing more guidance to users by allowing them to invest in relatable ideas and trends.


TiTo is a platform for student that exposed students to experience gaining opportunities to enter their desired careers. E.g. Graduate jobs, Apprenticeships, Internships, Mentoring, Volunteering, Training & Courses, Advice & Tips.

Tuneable is a transparent online music charting platform that ranks music by how much users are willing to pay for it and ranks users by how much they are willing to pay for music.
Through this mechanism, artists can build up a picture of their fanbase as well as gaining exposure whilst users compete for the kudos of association with their favourite artists.


Vibio builds app-controlled smart vibrators that help people connect and synchronise vibrations in real time. Their focus is on sleek design to enhance the user experience. Founded by an all-female team, Vibio uses sextech to empower users to explore their sexuality and present it in a natural way.


VR Revival is a Health Technology Start-up aiming to provide immersive reminiscence therapy for dementia patients, to give them a socially uplifting experience using virtual reality application and headset. We use a 360 degree interactive and personalised platform of familiar and peaceful scenes, where patients or their carers can personalise the app to choose culturally appropriate resources, and also upload personal photos into the app for effective reminiscence therapy. We want to empower dementia patients to make choices and get involved with technology and aim to bring families together to learn, understand, share happy memories to increase mood and happiness for all.


Y-DAP is a city by city platform for parents & guardians to find, book and also pay for activities for their child/ young person. Y-DAP allows providers to create and share, provisions and events that fuel their passions and enrich their young peoples lives. From music, sport, IT, performing arts, study and health & wellbeing, to youth festivals, conferences and fundraisers etc…

Y-DAP uses technology to digitally track achievements, attendance and feeds data back to providers and the wider industry, as well as ensuring quality standards across provisions. They also have a sustainable business model, where funding can be provided to service providers as well as customers.

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