Atvine is a social enterprise that supports sustainable solutions. It does this through crowdfunding marketplace tailored exclusively to serving environmental companies. Providing consumers with greater access and visibility to green solutions.The idea came when searching for a market leader who provided the ability to support environmentally focused startups, collectively, from both a reward, sales and donation standpoint. Unfortunately, very few established crowdfunding platforms currently are serving ‘green startups’ as a sole focus, rather, a segment on a generalised investment platform or not at all. With little competition, especially in the UK, as well as environmental projects lacking a truly dedicated platform, Atvine was conceptualised to fit the market gap.The goal is to empower the next generation of businesses to redefine the way humankind interacts with and supports the environment; facilitating the opportunity to create and support a multitude of eco-friendly ventures, on a mass-scale, through social support.

Axiom is an AI browser assistant that lets you automate business processes, and share them with others on a ‘process app-store’

It does two things:

-It can guide you through a business process
-Or it can automate that process

It does this through ‘Robotic Process Automation’. RPA is the ability to record user inputs and replay them.

Many business processes involve workflow-driven work with web-apps; like setting up a Salesforce campaign, or AWS Firewall. Axiom can guide or automate those steps. If you’re an expert or consultant, you can code-ify your expertise in Axiom, to guide others on the app-store.

Axiom’s AI assistant also observes user behaviour, and makes context-sensitive suggestions as they work, so they can automate things they didn’t know was possible.

We’re currently trialling Axiom in a private pilot with paying customers in IT support, marketing and sales, but it can be used across more business verticals.

Established in 2014, Bizzie Bodies is a community interest company that organises a wide range of creative workshops while encouraging children aged between 6 to 11 years old to learn a language by stimulating their creativity. The company aims to facilitate social inclusion in multi-cultural societies, and provide opportunities for children who would otherwise have minimal access to creative learning outside of their school education. Thanks to the collaboration with local artists, Bizzie Bodies is able to provide workshops and activities in technology, music, visual and performing arts.
Bizzie Bodies social media;
Twitter: @bizzie_bodies

Branch Brush is an ancient form of oral hygiene used in aid of floss, toothpaste and the brush-head itself. With an implemented 1-4-1 scheme Branch Brush is looking to change the world one mouth at a time!

CMX Runway is a mobile first shopping platform, designed specifically for independent designers, fashion students & graduates. We help designers do all the business tasks required to sell & distribute goods online. Resulting in increased margins, sales and time! Our goal at CMX Runway is simple, let designers focus on designing and we do the rest. As former designers ourselves we’ve lived those pain points first hand, so we built a platform to solve those problems completely. All a designer needs to do is, design their best pieces, create limited stock runs and then their next step is figuring out what to do with all their profits.

Curios Analytics provides statistical analytics for trading card games (TCG) players. TCGs are similar to video and strategy games (Like Chess, but in card form with 1000s of pieces instead of a few), with performance analytics playing a key part in helping players understand how to improve at the game. Our data and “sabermetrics” style analytics to help players understand their gameplay quicker and faster, and ultimately helping them to improve faster. As TCGs are mainly played with actual physical cards, there is also a secondary market where cards are sold through peer to peer marketplaces. Our data enable sellers and vendors of the cards to find out exactly what cards are doing better at the game, therefore giving them and players justification for card pricing, as well as historical trends for reference. We are the first provider of TCG analytics and on a mission to enable everyone to become a champion through statistical analysis! Prototype/Platform link:


Hatsumi is a therapeutic virtual reality platform uniting the brain and body with artistic expression. Designed to communicate lived experience, help develop mindfulness techniques and reduce symptoms of mental health and chronic pain, Hatsumi exists at the intersection of behavioural healthcare, participatory art and cutting-edge technology. Facilitated by a healthcare professional, users are able to illustrate sensations, emotions and pain onto a lifesize avatar using 3D painting tools. The software is combined with a bespoke biofeedback system, providing real time visual feedback to create an increased awareness and sense of control over psychological and physical state. Artworks can be anonymously shared to an online gallery for others to explore, providing a new form of insight into the nature of human experience.

Website link:
Twitter: @HatsumiVR
Facebook: @Hatsumivr
Instagram: @HatsumiVR

Honey’s Skincare is a company designed to help the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of eczema sufferers by providing products that inspire, motivate and physically alleviate the effects of eczema. The all-natural based product range contains aromatherapeutic properties and benefits. These aim to uplift and also calm the mood and emotions of our customers. In addition, our products are aimed to inspire and motivate individuals through the packaging. Lastly, the active botanical ingredients in our products aim to alleviate the physical effects of eczema such as dry, inflamed and itchy skin.

Everyone has the ability to do great things in whatever domain they are interested in. We believe that, deep down, people care about making this world a better place for everyone. Our mission is to help people who care overcome their limits and create more time for them.

At Leapian we research and develop technology and methods for lifelong learners who want to have an impact and not spend all day working. Everything we do is designed to improve productivity, performance and learning. Our products are the result of out thinking, out caring and out working.

We are developing Readalo, a software that enables knowledge workers to summarise documents in a fraction of the time.

Core team: Carlo Founder & CEO, MEng in Environmental and Information Engineering at Cambridge University; Marco Founder & CTO, with 35 years of enterprise software development experience; and Roberto: Business Development, entrepreneur, salesman and youth-worker.

On demand nurses, 24/7 at your home in a click! ’Uber’ like Anyone can become unwell following an hospital treatment and/or after a minor injury. Visiting an A&E or a Walk-in Centre means your time is lost. By using our platform it will be possible for you to request a Nurse 24/7 for your medical needsat a time that suites you, we have nurses within close proximity to your home address. We are able to send a nurse to your Hotel or Corporate office etc. Why choose this service?
•Reduce the time spent booking and going to a GP•Reduce the time spent trying to find a walking clinical
•Reduce your time spent in A&E (where you can wait upto4hours and more)

Percept Imagery is a VR company working towards aligning the vision of property developers and architects with that of their buyers through immersive experiences. By using our expertise in virtual reality, architects and developers can visualise and experience their properties in incredible detail. We help them not only enhance the design process and boost sales, but most importantly, we make sure that everyone involved is on the same page, thereby curbing the unnecessary wastage of valuable resources. With 4+ years of experience in creating immersive solutions, Percept Imagery has acquired an understanding of how VR can be best leveraged for construction industry. To arrange a demo and see how we can help, visit our website or reach out to us at

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I am an English teacher, an immigration lawyer, a documentary filmmaker (see ‘GroveRoots’ and ‘HiddenHerstories’), a community leader (awarded with the London Peace Prize in 2011), an entrepreneur, as well as a proud dad of two little monsters!
In response to the Grenfell Tower fire, having tragically lost 5 of my previous students, I set up a supplementary school to help my old students.
I realised that I had left teaching because of the poor work-life balance and set out to help other teachers with marking workload in order to aid teacher retention. I aim to eventually be able to mark essays autonomously.
Progressay is an “assessment for learning teacher tool” that incorporates a marking assistant. The site aims to develop pupil mastery by:
1) first identifying gaps in knowledge and skill,
2) then by building a knowledge base through gamification.

I am currently developing my first Alpha iteration.

Many small companies worldwide are particularly eager to access the UK market. They often have good products and are successful in their home markets but lack the setup to be able to export and when they do it, they follow a mechanical and old-fashioned process. Prowexx empowers such companies and disrupts the international UK trade business. Prowexx is London based and is de facto the ambassador of those companies in the UK. It gives them tools and services that change the way they:
-Access Finance, and overcome issues related to payments, funding, market risk.
-Do marketing, Prowexx platform allows these companies to have a portal where their products are published with the highest UK standards and fit to the right audience.
-Grasp market data: the market dynamics, and opportunities are no longer a mystery.
-Understand the Regulations & Execution: which are now much more accessible.
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“The construction industry output value in the UK was worth nearly £164 billion in 2017 , with up to 25% of costs used for rework and variables within a project, mostly due to design clashes caused by the lack of technology adoption and collaboration within the industry.
PTG utilises the latest technology available to the industry within a process that can dramatically cut costs and time for residential and commercial projects, producing 3D collaborative building models through a massive input of data and enabling early stage tools for visualisation and clash detection; this can be applied to new or existing buildings, accurately reproducing houses or commercial spaces in a 3D and VR environment. The company was founded in October 2017 within the LSBU startup accelerator with the intent of “research and adopt” the right tools and processes in order to optimise and upgrade the industry.”

Website :

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Referon is an employee referral platform, our technology puts your team at the centre of your recruitment operations incentivising them to refer their connections to vacancies, reducing time to hire and allowing your team members to earn extra cash.

A streamlined process
Quality candidates from a trusted source
Employees are valued and engaged
Fast payments recognising employees efforts
Increased transparency through a continuous feedback loop

Revcelerate Ltd –
revenue accelerator for early-stage and growth start-ups. Providing sales and marketing strategy and proven sales operating models for start-ups designed to accelerate revenue traction. Revcelerate delivers a methodical approach to building scalable sales and marketing engines to accelerate traction for new businesses. From customer cohort analysis and defining commercial strategy to effective execution of your winning sales plan, Revcelerate helps you build an efficient revenue engine that aligns your team around the customer need. Servicing both B2B and B2C sectors through providing a hands-on approach to closing deals, building commercial teams, transferring best-practice knowledge and commercial DNA to your business in support of emerging culture and revenue growth.
Get in touch via and discuss how we can support your growth.

The current translation industry is valued to be $40 billion and it is growing at a rate of 6.5 to 7.5%, higher than the GDP growth of many countries. There are currently 18 000 translation firms and 640 000 translators worldwide. Despite the huge size, this industry remains fragmented, where the quality and efficiency of technical translation remain poor. This is largely due to the labour-intensive nature of the traditional translation method, and the shortage of freelance translators specialising in technical translation. Smartlingual addresses the problems of efficiency, quality control and the inadequacy of machine translation, by integrating human translators and artificial intelligence, to deliver high quality technical translation service to customers. We only work with translators who go through vigorous vetting process. We accept all translation requests from customers; however, we specialise in medical and technical translation.

We are an ICT infrastructure design company with experience in the implementation of Wireless Wide Area Networks, Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks, high-capacity Data Centres and Network Operations Centres. Since 2003, we have offered technical consultancy services in a constantly evolving industry, providing a wide variety of clients with custom-built mission critical solutions and support. We design ITU compliant solutions based any combination of optical fibre, twisted copper pair, licensed or unlicensed wireless carriers including Wi-fi, Wi-Gig, GSM and more. Honing that experience, we have delivered the first A.I. powered decentralized, distributed, real-time cloud environment to serve the future demands of our connected planet. Digital infrastructure sits at the heart of everything and our cloud forms the foundation for a new generation of scalable digital services. We are solving today’s hard problems by addressing the limitations of infrastructure at the technical and social levels.

The Power of you are creating a health and wellness brand for teenagers.

The Power of you are looking to create a website which will act as a hub of information for young people to stay informed on how they can live their best life. Share, connect, explore.

The Power of youwill use the website as a way of selling fitness/health related products targeted at this market and to sell my first product that I will be bringing to market a unique program which I have developed to help keep young people feeling strong, healthy and happy.

The Power of You-

Encouraging teens to find their passion, purpose and POWER.

Because without our happiness and health what do we really have?

We harness the power of technology to make unique specialty food & drinks products accessible to every Chef & Restaurateur out there! We believe every food & drinks producer or restaurant owner small or large should have the chance to showcase the story of their product and business, to communicate and trade directly. Todelli is a curated marketplace that allows Chefs & Restaurateurs to discover new & unique specialty food and drink products locally & globally, immerse themselves in their story and buy them directly.




Veuno allows people to share their products and services recommendations through their spending. Just link a bank account, select a transaction and share. Everything in one simple to use mobile app.

Xentric’s mission is to deliver the best customer service experience possible for their clients with the seamless AI-Human integration.

We aim to allow Call Centres the opportunity to reduce costs and differentiate themselves from their competitors; transforming their company into an AI implementer.

Xentric’s approach is based on three main pillars:
Customer Service – Omni-channel customer support automation looking to give small and medium contact centres scalability through a cloud-based platform.
AI Bots – Engaging with customers, dealing with basic cases and automating high volumes of inbound inquiries.
Omnichannel Analytics: Actionable KPIs that help contact centres understand interactions and retrieve aggregated information.

Our customizable technology is powered by machine learning, enabling systems to learn how to accurately understand human speech, dialogs and interactions. Xentric’s robust platform is available both on-premise and on the cloud, armed with tools to extract meaning from thousands of conversations per day.

Yoke is a performance based influencer marketing platform. Founded in 2018 by Jidé Maduako and Mustafa Mohamed, who met a Lancaster University. The two noticed an opportunity in influencer marketing after helping to drive millions of downloads in a previous job role. Yoke helps influencers to monetise their social media audiences using their matching algorithm, the algorithm suggests the best apps to advertise to the social media influencers which drives targeted downloads. Influencers are given a unique link that allows them to simply promote the app on their social platforms, they are then paid based on their performance. Although there has been huge growth in influencer marketing in recent years, there is a lack of useful data available to the brands that advertise via influencers. When apps run a campaign using the Yoke platform it allows them to receive live data & valuable insights.
Twitter: @WeAreYoke
Instagram: @WeAreYoke

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