Afrocenchix is an award winning natural hair care company founded by Rachael Corson and Joycelyn Mate. The company blend top quality ingredients to make high performing products for afro and curly hair. Afrocenchix formed when Joycelyn was on a seemingly endless quest for quality hair care products that actually worked and Rachael, who suffers from eczema, was eager to find a beauty product she wasn’t allergic to.

In 2011, Afrocenchix gained an award for ‘Ethical and Sustainable Business Innovation’ from the University of Birmingham which encouraged them to take the enterprise to the next stage and in 2016 they went on to win the 2016 UCL Entrepreneurship Award.

The range is the first of its kind to be stocked in Whole Foods Market UK and our products are available in independent health stores across the UK and in Paris, New York and Melbourne.
Afrocenchix products are expertly researched and are derived from 97-100% natural ingredients. The products are vegan, free from cruelty, SLS/sulphates, parabens, silicons and parfum/artificial fragrances.
Supporting Britain is important to us so we work with UK scientists and chemists & use British suppliers and manufacture in the UK. Afrocenchix products are never tested on animals, we use environmentally friendly preservatives, our raw materials are ethically sourced and we blend 100% essential oils to make the beautiful scent that makes our products so popular.

Peak times come and go as crazy, magic moments. But how well do we capitalize on these windows of opportunity?

Clink’M helps event venues, bars and clubs increase their peak time revenues by redirecting a part of the customer orders through a mobile pre-order pre-pay infrastructure.

We are building clever software that writes clear statements of work for the professional, knowledge economy.

Poorly written descriptions of work cost Corporates and SME’s time and money. Lacking expertise, clients routinely experience overcharging or under delivery as they lack the knowledge to define what they want done by external resources.

Our solution is to build a machine learning platform for customers to be able to write clearer statements of work.

Our SaaS puts clients in the driver’s seat; it improves control, uses big data to create transparency, and machine learning to improve the fidelity of descriptions of work.

Eat out, for less. Get real-time discounts at great independent restaurants in your city.

Dish is a platform that allows restaurants to offer real-time discounts at times of low demand, in order to drive footfall and revenue.

With Dish, restaurants have the power and flexibility to control their pricing and reach more customers to fill empty seats.

Promotional materials are created copiously in a linear fashion. These often single-use items go on to touch millions of people, have no value in secondary markets and often end up in landfill.

Encycled is a service model where businesses lease branded promotional materials instead of purchasing them. These items are then cleaned and reprocessed with new branding for reuse in another setting.

Encycled realizes the circular economy while connecting both producers and consumers as active participants in the life-cycle and post-use destiny of these products.

FUZED is B2B a platform that enables easier access to available data for locations.

Our platform aggregates data from over 25 data providers like Foursquare, and OpenTable! We also aggregate affiliated data, so our clients can earn incremental revenue when they sell location relevant products (like hotel rooms and theatre tickets) to their users through FUZED.

LinkedIn: fuzedio
Twitter: @fuzedio
Facebook: @fuzedio

Turn your bad habits into good and invest the money you would have otherwise spent on your vice.

Watch the pennies turn into pounds, as your health and well-being improve and your bad habit gets kicked into touch!

Financial incentives have been proven to help increase the chances of quitting by over 30%, so join H+BIT today and say goodbye to that bad habit once and for all.

Sign-up today at to be one of the first users of our innovative new tool.
H+BIT will be FCA Regulated and use bank-level security to ensure your money is looked after. All capital is at risk.

Harmless is North London’s first zero-plastic convenience store, offering whole foods, household cleaning & hygiene items but without any plastic packaging; instead encouraging customers to refuse & reuse.

Harmless seeks to harm less in every way possible, choosing only socially and environmentally conscious producers and suppliers.

Everyday essentials shouldn’t cost the earth.

Instagram: @harmless_store

Hullabaloo Land – Helping children learn English. A fun augmented reality app for children, parents and teachers to play and learn Phonics together.

Designed for children 3-6yrs, adventurous animals travel the world finding new hobbies and cultures. Mission: to increase English literacy rates, cultural friendships and engage everyone with emerging technology.

IMA Studio collects life stories from everyday working artists. We use their words to weave a safety net of tech solutions. We are here to give artists more time to create and help them better manage their work life balance.

Artists! Don’t dream small. We are here to catch you.

Shopping is no longer limited to the confines of a website or store.

Effortlessly replace your household products using your smartphone camera.

KludeOn is changing the way you interact with information.

Twitter: KludeOn

Join “The Frictionless Future” TODAY by making the mobile web more personal & convenient (like mobile apps) to your consumers – with Link Big smart magical links!

Link Big has created world first “link engine optimisation” for brands & publishers to increase their AOV/ROI from their mobile assets, tailored and aligned to their business goals.

Our goal is for you to sell more, to deliver relevant content to the perfect audience
and enrich your loyal consumers with personalised experience.

For example, right now brands can only have one link in their Instagram bio – leading followers to their homepage and causing high friction. Link Big’s smart bio-link solves that – by leading each follower exactly to the item they just saw, liked and want to reach.

The results? Link Big clients keep increasing their sales, seeing a traffic boost of 50%-300%, getting a CTR of 8% and multiplying their retention rate by 3X!

Loomi is an online platform which gives end users the power to create and train intelligent personal assistants to bring order in their connected world.

Our mission is to intelligently assist professional people in connecting and organising their data and networks so they can put an end to busy.

MicroSpray Technologies’ mission is to revolutionise ultra-fine particle production for life science applications using an innovative, simple and cost-effective spray-manufacturing technology.

We are a multi-award winning business currently developing and commercialising a novel process that still remains confined to the realms of academic curiosity.

We are supported by Scottish Enterprise and have a team of specialist advisors that consider our technology as the “holy grail” of fine particle manufacture in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our technology will offer a production throughput which is currently unmatched by another other commercially available technique at extremely low cost.

Your home. On demand. Everywhere.

We’re developing a new form of housing. It’s based on a flexible, global subscription that will make it easy and affordable to have your own apartment in multiple cities. So that the whole world can be your home.

No Fixed Abode is a symbol of positive determination and inner strength.
Emma No Fixed Abode Streetwear
No Fixed Abode is founded my Emma Mann. Emma found herself homeless and pregnant. (Read More details on this here) Despite the odds being stacked against her, she engaged in battle to turn her life around and give her unborn daughter the life she never had.

“I see No Fixed Abode as a symbol of determination, positive attitude and spirit, when faced with a huge amount of adversity. I will never give up on my dream and neither should anyone else.” Comments Emma

No Fixed Abode is a Luxury Designer Streetwear Fashion Brand founded from adversity and Made in London.

NFA is for people that are non conformists. Living by Individual Anarchism.

No Fixed Abode was founded 2013

The company was founded because Emma Mann had experienced extreme adversity. She decided to use this experience as a symbol of determination, No Fixed Abode is a symbol of the sheer grit that went into turning her life around.

No Fixed Abode is based in London. The designer collection is produced in London.

We have been called “A Young Vivienne Westwood” by Liberty of London.

Insta: @nofixedabodelondon
Twitter: @nofixedabode_uk
You Tube:
Linked In:

AirBnB meets Purple Bricks for co-living properties.

No White Walls is an intermediary platform for the UK house sharing market.

As an agent we service landlords and provide tenants with a great experience when sourcing, renting and enjoying their house share.

Historically, house share landlords are massively under-serviced. No White Walls will change this and make money through letting fees by providing those essential services.

As a hybrid agent we provide full range of services, including cloud based letting admin, letting and property management, maintenance and compliance to private landlords. By delivering consistently high service across curated properties, we provide great co-living experience for modern age mobile professionals.

Unlike many existing hybrid agents or listing platforms, our technology and business model creates a one stop shop solution for tenants and landlords alike, enabling co-living as a lifestyle of choice. This opportunity exists on a £5.8bn marketplace.

Twitter: is a one-stop, AI-driven online marketplace for 30+ million Indian Diasporas living around the world created to help them easily find and compare India-linked financial or non-financial products and services that are required to maintain their connections with their home country, culture and community.

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Ox Box is a fun and interactive English as a Second Language programme for children aged 0 to 6.

We provide a subscription-based tailored programme of activities and a delightful box of carefully curated English books, toys and sensory play kits on a monthly basis.

We make English learning fun!

Instagram: @oxboxmum
Facebook: @oxboxmum

SoulBotox is a bespoke wellbeing planning solution on a mission to empower people to live a more fulfilling, comparison free life.

We understand and appreciate that there is no “one size fits them all” plan to keep us equally fit and happy thus offer a customised experience based on the “feels right” factor.

Powered by top notch wellness professionals, coaches & therapists SoulBotox offers a range of unique coaching experiences combining elements of mind, body & soul.

We commit to identifying our clients’ wellbeing formula and make sure they enjoy practicing it & celebrating the results.

At SoulBotox we care most for our clients to become happier human beings empowered with tools & techniques that will support them in handling stress & pressure @ work, nurture relationships with their loved ones and be open to new experiences.

The Black Hair Book is a website that enables clients to find afro hair stylists in London.

We help clients make an informed decision by listing salon amenities, reviews and a portfolio of stylists’ handiwork.

TBHB is a platform for stylists to increase their visibility and revenue by listing their business to attract more customers

Frustrated by having to check multiple apps and websites to get your every day information?

Trakr brings them all together in a single app. Add weather, train delays, bank balances, social media, loyalty points, steps, calories, even a countdown to your next holiday!

Trakr will keep you in the loop and save you time, money and fuss.

Tzuka aspires to design and manufacture durable sports earphones, catering for sports that take place in rougher environments, such as CrossFit, Powerlifting and body building.

Currently the ‘sports’ earphone market solely focuses on satisfying the needs of cardiovascular exercises. With 43% of gym members breaking 2 or more pairs of earphones annually, earphone breakage is a persistent and frequent problem in sporting environments across the world.

Vitality farms aims to make healthy and fresh food accessible to all while cultivating community spirit through the production and implementation of our affordable, 3D printed farming units.

We imagine a world where we create the story behind our food.

We support the growth of local and sharing economies, priding ourselves on being more than just a farm, creating and supporting the birth of the freelance farmer.

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